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The World Tapping Circle


The World Tapping Circle

is a *LIVE*, 90 minute online event offered once a week with

Sonya Sophia, lovingly leading you in EFT for your most pressing feelings,

problems, issues and moods. Each of the World Tapping Circles

are archived and can be REPLAYED anytime from your 

computer, ipad or from any smartphone.

CLICK HERE and join us for a life-enhancing, interactive,

tapping experience within a global community.

12 Reasons to Join in!


1. It will naturally revive you to have a CONSISTENT boost of super POSITIVE ENERGY & EMOTIONAL SUPPORT.

2. Tapping HEALS your body and mind — making LIFE EASIER and MORE FUN!

3. Issues are kept private (you are not exposed), yet we heal our “stuff” together.

4. It will help to you to ACHIEVE your DREAMS, improve your RELATIONSHIPS and THRIVE FINANCIALLY.

5. You will cultivate inner peace that you can actually *feel*!

6. Tapping releases oxytocin (LOVE HORMONES) and strengthens your immune system, while decreasing pain.

8. EFT helps you learn to LOVE and ACCEPT your self.

7. You will gain deep INSIGHTS which will produce healing for you, your loved ones (and your entire bloodline).

9. Real-time participation in rapid healing on a global level, is SACRED and EXCITING.

10. It’s ECO FRIENDLY & ECONOMICAL since we get together online.

11. EFT is a life-saving skill for gracefully navigating any challenge!

12. You EVOLVE past your “stuff”and become empowered to embody LOVE, BEAUTY and TRUTH in this world!

Become part of the World Tapping Circle

and a become an *active part*

of healing humanity.









For general support, you can email questions to support@sonyasophia.us.