Healing from Depression, Addiction, Asthma and ADHD

My life has been helped tremendously from meeting Sonya Sophia Illig. From the moment I met her, she was able to give me confidence I didn’t know I had. Her grace and wisdom has guided me from a lost, depressed wanderer to someone with passion and a life to live.

She has an immense way of seeing solutions, life coaching, and the healing arts. She is also fluent in the language of love. Her words seem to move and clear through negativity, able to see the truth in people. My life has changed by meeting her.

I have, with her guidance and support, cleared emotional traumas that I have held onto since I was a child. I have worked through depression, drug abuse, and unhealthy tendencies. I was diagnosed with Asthma and ADHD, and since I’ve consistently used EFT, I haven’t had a problem with these anymore.

I now have a relationship with my family that I never had before. I finally feel more accepted by them. I thought that would never happen. Besides myself and my 360° change, because Sonya helped me clear family issues, they have changed too. It’s like we’re finally able to grow up together without the past holding us back anymore.

Seeing the community she lived among in Chico, where I lived for a year doing intense EFT work with her, I saw the whole town change. So many people came to her for EFT and support, and their lives were changed. People became strong and full of life.

I have so much gratitude for Sonya Sophia Illig.

D.M. – California


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