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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also commonly referred to as “Tapping”, is described as a quantum level, self-healing tool based on the premise that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease and illness. EFT has been practically demonstrated and is believed to be able to rapidly reduce and/or completely remove the emotional impact of traumatic memories, unfortunate incidents and invasive thoughts, which have triggered painful and embarrassing emotional distress. Personally, I have had positive results in my own extensive use of Tapping over the last 10 years.*

For a quick overview, please watch this brief EFT intro video (7 min) by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT.

Sonya Sophia with Gary Craig, the founder of EFT

Sonya Sophia & Gary Craig – founder of EFT

It is believed that Tapping releases excess emotional charge, such as fear, very quickly. It seems to clear old emotional baggage (like shame) by using your bodies’ own energetic wiring system, (your acupuncture meridians).  Tapping is designed to activate your built-in ability to rapidly physically heal and to spontaneously emotionally recover.

EFT is extremely versatile as it can be used for any type of issue. EFT is believed to work with imbalances within the person’s energy system and to address the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions on the body. To further develop the field of EFT, we’ve created the format for “EFT Circles“, which are now practiced the world over. There is also a format to serve even larger audiences like those at festivals or expos.

The World Tapping Circle is the most far reaching EFT Circle in the World.


Sonya Sophia Leading EFT – Burning Man 2013

While it’s not possible to provide guarantees for healing modalities, EFT has been shown to work when nothing has helped before. It’s believed EFT can be very effective in treating a wide variety of physical and emotional issues.

Licensed mental health care professionals using EFT have reported positive results in using EFT to help clients with issues such as PTSD, grief and loss, divorce, addictions, anxiety, depression, phobias, cravings, fears, illness, sexual issues, body image and weight loss. A number of life and peak performance coaches have found that tapping can be an effective tool for creating financial success and releasing patterns that limit self-esteem and have inhibited peak performance.

According to the premises and practice of EFT, when you Tap in certain key places on your body, you are connecting with subconscious programming. By gently Tapping along the acupuncture meridians while you speak a few simple verbal phrases, you are accessing your brain’s neural-networks.

It’s possible to experience almost instant stress relief and create higher levels of function in any area of your life. It’s believed that stored memories, negative expectations, past traumas and dysfunctional patterns can be deeply released from your brain and body using this simple, non-invasive and natural healing technique.

While EFT is still considered experimental, ongoing preliminary research has shown that EFT seems to reduce the emotional impact of traumatic memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress and negative chemical reactions within the body. Often this level of relief can occur in fewer than six sessions. The results are indicating that the relief may be long-lasting (when tested again after six or 12 months).

There are no drugs or equipment involved in Tapping, so EFT can be is easily learned by anyone. This makes it a perfect complement to any medical or therapeutic treatment that may already be underway. Here is a short, yet riveting video (8:50 min) in which the famous biologist, Bruce Lipton, talks about the power thoughts have on our health. It is exciting to hear him talk about how reprogramming our sub-conscious creates such dramatic changes in our brains and bodies and actually reprograms our DNA.

Sonya Sophia with Author Dawson Church - The Genie in Your Genes

Sonya Sophia with Author Dawson Church – The Genie in Your Genes

EFT makes it possible for people to become physically healthy, emotionally stable and deeply present. I believe that people who use EFT are able to experience emotional balance while navigating life’s daily challenges with much greater ease and grace.

EFT offers a self-administered end to problems of ego (“I’m better than you” or “I’m not good enough”). It makes it possible to heal past conditioning and to clear layers of psychological problems and cultural indoctrination. Each individual can upgrade his or her own subconscious and reprogram the mind. Tapping is a great way to begin to see “personal and professional failures” as important and invaluable lessons so we can move on with a light heart.

Again, while not possible to provide guarantees, EFT is being used to enhance learning abilities, to find and create romantic intimacy, and to create things you want in your life. When you clear the subconscious blocks, anxiety, fears and negative beliefs that have accumulated , you are liberated and able to achieve.

Tapping can be used as a manifestation tool. It is terrific because it makes it possible for you to instantly upgrade your nervous system’s ability to accept new levels of love, success, happiness, financial abundance or whatever you want.

Sonya Sophia and Don Migeul Ruiz (author of "The Four Agreements")

Sonya Sophia and Don Migeul Ruiz (author of “The Four Agreements”)

When people Tap, they often get sudden ‘downloads’ of inspiration. Solutions begin to present themselves. “Tappers” report the experience of a deeper connection to life and love whenever they use EFT. Tapping, as a quantum power tool, makes it possible to literally redesign your life and create more space inside you.

It’s now possible to literally transform our deepest traumas, release our worst fears and clear self-sabotaging habits with much greater ease!

Tapping may also help you to release inherited, inter-generational family patterns so you stop reacting like your parents did (or subconsciously reacting against them).

Instead, you may gracefully fulfill your life’s true purpose with passion and power. Through utilizing love and the power of EFT, it’s possible for all of us to upgrade our experience of reality. To discover even more, go to our  EFT Q&A Page.

Where are the Tapping Points?

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Tapping points

Tapping Points


* Although EFT appears to have promising emotional, spiritual, and physical health benefits and there is a growing amount of scientific research indicating that EFT is an effective, evidence-supported therapy, it has yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical and psychological communities. Therefore, EFT may be considered experimental. For more on recent research results and the application of EFT on stress, PTSD and other disorders, go to  EFT University research, stressproject.org or EFT for PTSDFor general support questions, connect with us at [email protected].



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