To heal we must stop arguing with reality and apply empathy to what is and what was.

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Here you will find useful information on how to handle the issues you are up against today, step by step with love. You have the opportunity to discover how to increase your vital life force, stimulate your creativity, figure out how to navigate and produce your part in redesigning this world we share. Please read the Disclaimer.

Tapping can help you rapidly clear generations of inherited conditioning which is running your life behind the scenes.

Tapping helps you learn to truly love and accept yourself, eliminate negative recurring thought patterns, break free from bad habits  and release yourself from suffering. Tapping helps you create and sustain loving healthy relationships in your life.

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Let me introduce you to a quantum self-healing tool called EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping. While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, EFT can change your life forever and open up the flow of goodness for you and your loved ones in ways you never dreamed could happen!  EFT is a meridian-based, self-healing modality that combines aspects of Chinese medicine and modern psychology with empathy, self-acceptance and unconditional love.

Tapping is a simple tool, yet it’s been shown to be a very potent one and can be used on almost any issue. EFT is believed to re-calibrate your brain’s responses to stimuli, reprogramming both your brain and your body’s ability to function properly.

EFT can be a life-saver and is a powerful life enhancer. For more information… see About EFT.


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As you tap, you may find that you CAN clean up emotional debris you’ve collected over many years, very quickly. For any traumatic memories that plague you, EFT may permanently neutralize them. With Tapping, you have the chance to experience what I call  good emotional hygiene, as you release your issues quickly, thoroughly and once and for all!

Experiment with Tapping as a way to bring your gifts into this world. You are here to love. You are unique and have something important to contribute. Through tapping, it is possible for you to discover and activate your true purpose.

My goal is to help you to THRIVE on every level, including sexually and financially.

Help bring humanity back to LIVE & LOVE. Together, we are creating an authentic connection with the whole of creation.

I am delighted to help live your life with greater ease and more power so that we may all fulfill our potential and experience our inherently loving natures.

In Loving Service, ~ Sonya Sophia 




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